BigCommerce is one of the most widely used Ecommerce platforms on the market. There's a reason it's trusted by major brands around the world; it brings great flexibility to business making millions in annual revenue to a billion in annual sales. It has built-in regulatory compliance for Soc 1, Soc 2, SOX, and ISO 27001. BigCommerce is packed with great features and excellent customization options. Making the most of those features so that your business can excel requires just the type of technical know how and marketing expertise that Old North Collective can bring to your project.

What We Do

You have your hands full with your core business. Creating and managing the website that drives that core business is vital to your success, but it's also an extra layer of stress and responsibility. By trusting Old North Collective to handle the technical side of your business, you can focus more on its core operations, and your core competencies. Think of us as an extension of your team, whose own core competencies align with your needs. That's how we like to think of ourselves. Here's how we can help your BigCommerce needs when you decide to stop playing games, and find a partner.

Migrations to BigCommerce

If you have an existing store on another platform that you'd like to bring over, the task can seem daunting. There are some similarity between platforms, but a lot of work still goes into making the migration. If things aren't done in a correct and optimized manner, then your business is leaving money on the table. We can handle the migration for you, so you're up and running on BigCommerce quickly and profitably.

New BigCommerce Stores

A brand new store brings with it a different set of challenges.Our team knows how to create a site that converts, so your business can grow. A properly designed store will be both attractive and functional; two things needed if you're going to maximize conversions. Starting with a black slate can be intimidating, and without experience on what works and what doesn't, it can also affect the success of your new venture. Often, business owners aren't even sure of what they need.

BigCommerce Store Redesigns

If you already have a store powered by BigCommerce that isn't converting well, or one that is just dated looking and in need of a fresh coat of paint, we can help there too. Whether you want minor changes, updated branding, or a complete overhaul, we'll get the job done affordably and professionally.

Custom Development

Flexibility and customization are among the top selling points of BigCommerce, but the more customized you want to get, the more technical experience you'll need. Perhaps you have a third-party tool that you'd like integrated into BigCommerce, or maybe you just want functionality not included in the base package. Regardless, we'll be able to mold BigCommerce into exactly what your company needs to thrive.


The best way to acquire customers is through organic traffic. People who find you through search engines are looking specifically for what you sell and are coming to your site motivated to buy. More importantly, you don't have to spend a ton of money on ads to get organic traffic, but you do need a store optimized for search engines. Thankfully, optimizing BigCommerce stores for search engines is something we do well.

Ongoing BigCommerce Support

The Ecommerce world is constantly changing. What converts well one year is costing you money the next. Search engine algorithms change and websites that don't adapt find themselves at the bottom of the search results, killing organic traffic and tanking conversions. Old North Collective is the partner you need to stay on top of the game and keep your trend lines moving in the right direction.

Brand Management and Digital Marketing

BigCommerce may have a lot of features that will help your company succeed, but no platform can provide you with everything you need for business success. Marketing and brand management are still important aspects of any business. As your complete online technology partner, our services wouldn't be complete without expert digital marketing and brand management.

Why Use NetSuite?

Powerful Branding Capabilities

Branding and brand recognition is an important part of growing a customer base. Your website needs to look like your website, not a cookie-cutter version of everyone else's website. BigCommerce allows for functionality that will be familiar to users, but with branding that is all your own.

Conversion Optimization Tools

Over the years, the art of ecommerce conversion has been refined and a core set of tools are put into place by nearly all successful companies. From easy-to-create coupons and discounts, to payment processing for whichever digital wallet your customers prefer, all the way to powerful search tools and responsive speed, BigCommerce is packed with tools that help stores convert.

Highly Customizable API

As your business grows, and maybe even from the start, you'll need integrations and custom features that automate your workflows and provide functionality to your customers that is specific to your business. The BigCommerce API makes it easy to integrate the software with popular ERP solutions such as Netsuite and Acumatica. While a great team like Old North Collective can work wonders, we couldn't do it without a feature-rich API like BigCommerce offers.

BigCommerce B2B Edition

The new B2B Edition of BigCommerce changes the way businesses sell to each other. The same types of innovations that drove B2C Ecommerce revenues to new heights are now coming to B2B.

Modern Shopping Experience

The people who purchase for businesses are also consumers in their own right. They have a familiarity with consumer shopping experiences. For too long, B2B stores didn't provide that same experience. BigCommerce B2B changes that. The responsive, mobile-friendly design has the B2C experience, but still allows you to create custom account hierarchies and price lists.

Highly configurable matrix sku tools allow you to build custom products with plenty of options so buyers get exactly what they need. Approved buyers can even pay via invoice, bringing the convenience of ecommerce to B2B payment methods.

Empowered Customers

The ability to save and manage multiple shopping lists, which can be easily retrieved and edited allows business customers the flexibility to quickly make a purchase for the products they need. Once they've made that purchase, there's a good chance they'll need to repeat it. That's why BigCommerce B2B has easy 'buy again' functionality so your customers can quickly replenish their inventory with minimal hassle.

Buyers who are used to the convenience of eProcurement through PunchOut’s software will have that option; BigCommerce has partnered with PunchOut2Go to bring eProcurement to ecommerce sites powered by BigCommerce.

Empowered Sales Representatives

In the B2B world, prices aren't always fixed. Your sales representatives need the power to set custom prices and discounts on top of the base price functionality. BigCommerce B2B gives them that power. It also allows them to masquerade as a customer, viewing their shopping lists and purchase history so they can more effectively act as agents on behalf of the customer.

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