NetSuite is the #1 cloud enterprise resource planning software solution. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is designed to let you manage all aspects of your business from one centralized location. NetSuite has features available for every type of business, that cover all aspects of the business. This makes it a one-stop ERP solution that depends less on third party solutions.

What We Do

NetSuite is a powerful tool, but to get the most out of it, you need your integration performed by someone who knows the software inside and out. As part of your NetSuite integration, we'll get to know your business and how it operates. We'll then be able to map out exactly which features of NetSuite your business needs in order to optimize its workflows and improve its transparency. Once we have a plan in place, we'll get to work connecting your business processes to this powerful ERP. Listed below are some of the major features we'll be able to integrate into your business processes using NetSuite.

E-commerce Features

Normally, you'd have to look to external software for an eCommerce solution. NetSuite has one built in. Best of all, it has a unique set of features depending on whether you are doing B2C or B2B business. With all the features your customers expect from a commerce platform, NetSuite will be the star of the show behind the scenes as well as at the center of the stage.

Financial Management

Financial management is one of the most important parts of your business. It’s also the most boring. And, it’s easy to make a mistake that costs you money. Thankfully, everything you need in an accounting solution is in NetSuite's financial tools. You'll find features for billing, revenue recognition, financial reporting, governance risk and compliance, and for working with global currencies around the world.

Financial Planning and Budgeting

In addition to the basic tools for keeping track of your finances, your NetSuite integration also contains tools to automate the labor-intensive planning and budgeting processes. With all your financial data centralized in a single location and combined with your operational data, your finance teams will be able to quickly produce budgets, forecasts, and reports. It’s like having your own personal bean counter in software form.

Order Management

Without the right tools, the order management process can be a hassle. From the time the order first comes in, to the time it is shipped out the door, several steps must be completed by several different people. Each one of those brings the possibility for human error and the guarantee of spending more time than is needed. By streamlining processes and synchronizing data automatically, NetSuite speeds up the process and eliminates the chance of a human messing things up.

Production Management

Creating products is fun! It’s why you got into the business you did. Producing them is the hard part. With NetSuite, you'll be able to manage the products you produce throughout their lifecycle. From work order management tools, to planning and scheduling tools to keep your operation running smoothly, NetSuite covers it all. You'll even be able to use automated quality assurance tools to ensure your customers are getting the best product possible.

Supply Chain Management

Without the aid of software, the logistics of supply chain management would be a nightmare. Even with software, the process isn't always as smooth as possible. That's not the case with NetSuite. From planning out the supplies you'll need to order to tracking them to their final destination, from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, NetSuite has you covered.

Warehouse Management

Controlling inventory is a huge part of successfully operating a business. This is true whether you have one warehouse or several warehouses. It’s even true if your warehouse is just your spare bedroom. On top of inventory management, you'll need to keep fulfillment and shipping costs to a minimum. With tools for inventory management as well as inbound and outbound logistics, NetSuite will have your entire inventory and fulfillment system humming along smoother than ever.

Customer Service Management

Nobody wants to be disliked; especially businesses who rely on people liking them to make sales. So you need to have stellar customer service. NetSuite customer service management tools have dashboards for everyone who communicates with your customers. Sales, support, service, fulfillment, all of them will have immediate access to the data they need to help your customers with their problems.

Human Capital Management

So, your customers love you now, but life’s not so great if your employees hate you either. NetSuite covers the whole gamut of managing your staff. From simplified payroll processing to a full suite of HR tools, NetSuite can improve your relationship with your employees just as well as it can with your customers. Employees will be empowered to ask for time off, change the information you have on file about them, and a whole host of other tasks all from within an easy-to-use portal. This saves your HR staff time and makes life easier for your employees all at once.


The purchasing process involves many moving parts. You have to deal with all the vendors using a variety of different communication methods, record and process each of the goods and services that you've ordered, keep track of deliveries, and more. Doing this all manually is a pain in the neck! With NetSuite’s tools, manual procurement is also completely unnecessary.

Marketing Automation

By now, every successful company has learned the benefits that marketing automation and sales automation can bring to a company. Not only do these tools make it easy to automate processes that attract and convert leads, but they'll do it in an intelligent way. You marketing team will be better informed about when a prospect is ready to be passed off to sales and the sales team will be better equipped to convert them to a customer.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

In the age of big data, analytics are a gold mine. The ability to collect and process large amounts of data about your customers will tell you how to better segment them. Combine that data with machine learning tools presented in the form of simple tools and anyone will be able to perform complex data analysis jobs.

Why Use NetSuite?

In 2019, six of the top seven tech stocks were using NetSuite to power their business. The tech industry loves NetSuite because they know quality technology when they see it. In addition to providing a complete solution right out of the box, being based in the cloud brings major benefits to an ERP. Hopefully, your business won't stay the same size forever. You'll grow, open more locations, expand into new markets, and go through all the changes that a business goes through in its lifetime. Without a scalable tool like NetSuite, upgrading your ERP to accommodate the larger business can take a lot of time, and money. NetSuite's scalability ensures that no matter how big your business grows, your ERP will grow with it.

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